2008 Mazda Tribute Hybrid Owners Manual – Just 30 days or so after its Ford Escape and Escape Hybrid brethren debuted, Mazda has introduced the 2008 Tribute Hybrid. It’s gotten some styling adjustments, which includes a new grille and interior, plus

2009 Mazda Tribute Hybrid Owners Manual – For 2009, the Mazda Tribute Hybrid becomes a bigger, more powerful engine, balance handle, an economy function for the oxygen-conditioner, satellite FM radio, entrance and rear stabilizer bars and automated front lights. Oddly, in

2010 Mazda Tribute Hybrid Owners Manual – The 2010 Mazda Tribute dons crisp SUV sheetmetal while offering a high-mileage hybrid model, but it’s anything of an oddity in the zoomy Mazda selection. has powered the 2010 Mazda Tribute and Tribute Hybrid